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Adipex is the brand name of the generic prescription diet aid Phentermine manufactured by GATE Pharmaceuticals. It is typically prescribed only for those people who are significantly overweight or obese and are having health complications related to their weight and therefore need to lose a large amount of weight as quickly as possible. Adipex is not what is typically thought of as a diet pill and by itself will not cause a person to lose weight. It needs to be taken in conjunction with realistic lifestyle changes that include a reduced calorie diet, a daily exercise program, and an education in proper nutrition and eating habits so that once the weight has been lost it can be effectively kept off in order to avoid returning to an unhealthy physical appearance.

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Hunger pangs are not only the leading cause of failure for people on diets they also lead to the very dangerous habit of overeating which results in the yo-yo effect that is experienced by many people. This can lead to not only gaining back all of the weight that was lost but additional pounds as well leaving a person worse off than before starting the diet. Adipex stops these hunger pangs and the overeating that can come from them. Adipex has some side effects but most can be avoided by taking it exactly as instructed to do so by your doctor. Some people taking Adipex have reported difficulties falling asleep and feeling restless in the morning even after sleeping. This is not considered serious and goes away once the weight loss goal has been met and Adipex is stopped.

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